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Welcome to UEA:TV

We are UEA:TV, the award winning student television society at The University of East Anglia. We operate in Factual, Entertainment and Sport programming, working closely with Concrete and Livewire 1350 to complete the UEA Media Collective.

Have a look around on our new website and social media to see what we get up to, or pop upstairs to the Media Centre on the top floor of Union House and meet the team!

Still interested in joining us? Head over to the UEA SU website to join now!

Get Involved

Already a member? Head on over to our exclusive members group on Facebook and get involved! To keep things fair with other members, we only accept accounts onto this group who have paid for membership via the link above.

If you have a different name on facebook to that of the one that UEA has on record for you, drop a message to our facebook page and let us know so we can match you up and give you access to our page!


The National Student Television Association (NaSTA) are a representative body designed and governed by student television for student television. NaSTA hold a yearly award ceremony to show off the work of all the student TV stations around the UK. In 2016, UEA:TV came home with two awards, one for our 2015/16 freshers coverage and another for the 'Best Video to Music'!

UEA Media Collective

UEA:TV is part of the UEA Media Collective - the student run media hub of UEA.
The Media Collective is made up of UEA:TV alongside Livewire1350 and Concrete - UEA's student radio station and newspaper.

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Before getting in touch, we ask that you fill in a Project Outline Form with as much detail as you can. If you do not understand any part of the form, just fill in the rest and ask for clarification when you email it to us.

Meet The Committee

Matt Maddison

Station Manager

"Born near Manchester, currently exiled to Norwich. Bill Nye-enthusiast and a big fan of pie and beer. Look for the guy who resembles the love-child of Tom Fletcher and Tyler Oakley in the Media Centre (I basically live there)."

Yasmine Barrell

Executive Producer

"Southern Comfort enthusiast. I can help you make great videos or great dishes to accompany the worlds greatest condiment: MAYONNAISE. Find me in the office, i'm the one with the fringe. Also sometimes known as Fringe. "

Evie Williams

Treasurer/Head of Events

"I deal with the dollar, and put on dem Events. "

Lydia Brannen


"I like chomps, climbing, curlywurlys and cycling - I'm torn between health and sugar. Born and bred in the midlands, a land unbeknownst to northerners and southerners alike. Come and say hello when I'm in the Media Centre :)"

Zoe Smith

Head of Pre-Production

"I preproduce things..."

Pierre-Yves Bezat

Head of Production

"Occupying this function only so that UEA:TV respects a quota of 1 amazing Frenchie per year, I can also help you transforming any of your projects into wonderful moving images. Oh wait. Maybe that's what I really do."

William Shears

Head of Post-Production

"Heya, I like editing you like editing let's go edit. "

Jade Rooney

Head of Sports

"If you buy me anything from Victoria's Secret I will marry you xo "

Rebecca Thompson

Co-Head of Entertainment

"A cat and wine enthusiast who has a low key addiction to Instagram, twitter and snapchat"

Joe Clark

Co-Head of Entertainment

"Hi! I'm Joe, the co-head of the Entertainment department. We make everything here from short comedy skits to live-lounge style music videos. We hope you get involved with our department, it's a really fun experience and you'll make some great friends."

Jack Lilleywhite

Co-Head of Factual

"Hey, I'm Jack the co-head of the factual department, struggling to be Katie's right hand man. For any of your non-fiction or documentary needs come see us in the media office."

Katie Phillips

Co-Head of Factual

"Hi! I'm co-head of factual! We do fun factual videos! One of the cool things we did this year was cover the US Election Results in November. Come join us because it's super fun! ps: I always have snacks to share in the media office because I luv food. ok byeee! ✌"

Danny Booty

Online Editor

"I am the website & Social Media nerd. I'm a computing student and slowly trying to take over the world. Unlike everyone else, I'm not going to beg you to buy me things.

But at the same time, I never turn down a freebie."

Becky Evans

Head of Marketing

"Quote coming soon. I hope..."

Eliott Simpson

Union Representative

"I suppose i'd be more exuberant if I wasn't so lackadaisical, but then again when one is imperturbable, how can you be anything but equanimous?"

Zee Waraich

Social Secretary

"I make fun times happen, I am the fun. I'm also here for anyone that isn't having as much fun as they should be & to keep everyone safe! I like making music videos and eating cookies. Stay woke. Instagram: @zeesw"

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